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How long will the event take me?

Although it is about 30km shorter than around Lake Taupo, it is also a lot hillier and the bunches are smaller. Most people complete the Gentle Annie in a time slightly longer than their Round the Lake Taupo time.

Are supporters vehicles allowed on the course?

No. The course is closed to supporter traffic to help ensure a safer ride for riders. If you have somebody that is dropping you off in Taihape and then travelling back to Napier, they will need to leave before the race starts and drive directly through to the finish ahead of the race.  

It sounds like an event for only really fit fast people?

The Gentle Annie is a tough testing ride, but one that anyone can complete with some preparation. We've had some very fast people in the past, but also some real beginners too, and they came back to do it again, so it can't be too bad!


What if I think it will take me over seven hours to complete?


If you have any concerns about the ride taking you over seven hours please contact us

Can I ride my E Bike?


Yes! If you can organise your battery power there is a category for you. You will start at 10.00am with the Group Start.


I hear the hills are really big ... do I need special gearing on my bike?

If you have standard chain rings you will probably want a cluster that goes down to 28T sprocket on the back. If you have compact gearing you should be able to manage with a 25T.

What weather can I expect?

We reckon we have picked the best time of year for this event but the course does climb to nearly 1000m. So it could be hot, sunny and nice, or cold, raining and windy ...

Click here for the up to date forecast. 


Where is registration?



Harper's Woolshed, 306 Ohiti Rd (2km from SH50 turn off), Crownthorpe


Taihape Memorial Park, Kokako Street, Taihape.


When is registration?



4.00-6.00pm on Friday 3 November 2023 at Harper's Woolshed, 306 Ohiti Rd (2km from SH50 turn off), Crownthorpe 

This is also when you drop your bike off, if you have selected the transport option.



8.00-9.30am on Saturday 5 November 2023 at Taihape Memorial Park, Kokako Street, Taihape.

What time is the race briefing?


All Riders MUST attend our race safety briefing at 9.45am in Taihape

What time does the ride start?


Group Start 10.00am


Where is the start?

Taihape Memorial Park, Kokako Street, Taihape.

Where is the finish?

Ohiti Berg (1.5km from SH50 turn off), Crownthorpe

Where should I stay?

For those staying in the sunny Hawke's Bay Click Here

For Taihape accommodation go to or

How do I get to the start line?

There will be a bus and bike transport option when you enter. Seats are limited, the cutoff date for transport is 29 October 2023 unless full beforehand. Please contact us to check availability after this date.


Bikes are to be dropped off at registration, Harper's Woolshed, 306 Ohiti Rd (2km from SH50 turn off), Crownthorpe, 4.00-6.00pm Friday 3 November 2023, a bus will then take riders through to the start on Saturday morning, making a brief toilet stop at Springvale on the way (drop toilet only). We will also transport a gear bag from the start back to the finish if needed.


For those coming through from the Taihape side, you can register on the Saturday morning, leave your vehicle in Taihape, ride the Gentle Annie, and catch the return van to Taihape AFTER the ride, you can select this when you enter. Seats are limited, the cutoff date for transport is 29 October 2023 unless full beforehand. The van will leave the finish at approximately 5.00pm.

If you are organising your own transport, it takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes to drive the length of the course.


I've booked the transport option to get to the start line, when does the bus leave?

Bikes need to be dropped off at Harper's Woolshed, 306 Ohiti Rd (2km from SH50 turn off), Crownthorpe from 4.00-6.00pm Friday 3 November 2023, and will be available for collection when the bus arrives in Taihape.


The reporting time for the bus is 6.15am at Harper's Woolshed, 306 Ohiti Rd (2km from SH50 turn off), Crownthorpe. Departure 6.30am. The bus should arrive in Taihape about 45-60 minutes prior to the event start.


I've booked the return transport back to Taihape, when does the bus leave?


Ride to the finish, Harper's Woolshed, 306 Ohiti Rd (2km from SH50 turn off), Crownthorpe, grab a meal and beverage, then catch the vans back to Taihape at approximately 5.00pm.  

How to I stay up to date with information about the Gentle Annie Bike Ride?

All new information will be emailed to you after you have entered the ride, please do not unsubscribe from these emails, as you will most likely miss important information.


Where possible, all information will be on our website 

We recommend that you also Like our facebook page as updates will be posted there 


Can I get my gear bag taken through to the finish from Taihape?

Absolutely! A drop off area will be provided at the start, and your bag will be taken in a lead vehicle, so it should get to the finish before you do. 

What support is provided?

In addition to a Lead Vehicle and Tail-End-Charlie there will be several support vehicles.  

The course is over a remote area with no cell phone coverage for the first 100km so we will have additional vehicles with trained nurses and access to satellite phones spread over the route.  

An ambulance will be in attendance and will follow the race from Taihape through to the finish. 

All support vehicles will carry first aid kits and spare water bottles. Riders are welcome to leave spare wheels in these vehicles at the start.

There are two feed zones, one at Springvale about 42km into the race, and the second at Kuripapango about the 78km mark after the Gentle Annie climb and before blowhards. Water will be provided to fill your own bottles at these points. Any bottles/food you wish to have at these aid stations should be named and dropped off at registration.

Please note that for safety reasons we are actively discouraging private support vehicles on the course. We strongly encourage all riders leaving from Hawke's Bay to use our transport option ... it's the easiest and cheapest way to get to the start line.

Any vehicles that plan to travel from Taihape to Harpers Woolshed, Ohiti Rd, on the day of the ride, must leave before the ride starts at 9.30am


What happens if i need to withdraw from starting the event?

If you need to withdraw you may transfer your entry to another person up to two weeks before the event (subject to the transferred rider entering online).

A refund of 25% of the entry fee will be paid to any entries cancelled up to four weeks before the event. No refunds will be paid for cancellations within four weeks of the event.
No refunds or transfers are available for promotional entries.
Transfer of entry to the following years event is available up to four weeks before the event.

After this time no refunds or transfers are able to be processed.
All requests will be charged a $20 transfer fee. If you need to withdraw contact us

How long has the event been going for?


The Gentle Annie Bike Ride has been a fixture on the cycling calendar since the road was fully sealed in 2011.

Who is the event organiser?

Event Director: Katja Williams on behalf of the Ramblers Cycling Club

Race Day Director: SuperVision Sports

Any further questions?

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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