13 NOVEMBER 2021

A 137km ride, with over 2500m of ascents ...


The Gentle Annie, doesn't believe in fastest times. It gives out personal bests.

Fastest times come and go, a tail wind, a favourable group, a downhill ride, but they are fleeting, and ultimately unrewarding. Personal bests are earned, worn like a badge of honour and they don't differentiate between ability. They tell of a struggle, a reward, a time when you've tested yourself 100%, or tried to go way beyond what you've ever been able to do before.

The Gentle Annie won't give you a fastest time, but whether you're fast, slow, large or small, somewhere between Taihape and Roosters Brewery, you'll find a personal best.

Little Annie is a 60km ride starting from the picturesque Kuripapango Campsite and finishing at Roosters Brewhouse in Hastings.
You will warm up on the infamous Blowhards, a 7.9km climb with an average gradient of 3.1%, before a high octane 30km of descending and a flat fast last few km’s into Hastings.

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Event Director: Steve Nicholls  mobile: 021741145

Race Director: SuperVision Sports

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